Eco & Adventure Tours
Available for small or large groups our Guided and Self Guided Eco & Adventure Tours explore some of the best locations in and around the Sunraysia region.
Our tours run by arrangement all year round utilising our fleet of canoes, kayaks and mountain bikes.

Some popular areas to explore:-
Tour 1 - Take a day trip along the Murray River from Red Cliffs to Mildura visiting the historic Psyche Bend Pumps and the Trentham Estate Winery. 
Tour 2 - Explore the historic Kings Billabong by canoe or kayak for anything from one hour through to a good half day.
Tour 3 - Utilise the bike trail network to explore the river front from Mildura to Merbein.
Tour 4 - Kings Billabong by sunset is a magical experience made even more special by being out on a wide expanse of water surrounded by bird life.

All tours can be Guided or Self Guided and can be altered to fit in with your schedule.

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